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MoneyTree is an investment savings app that helps you create savings goals, build your investments and grow your money.
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Product Design
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Problem Exploration, Research, Ideation, Product Design, User Interface (UI) design
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Create savings goals & grow your money.

One big financial issue that many people perceive they have is that they can't save enough money to put into building their investments. As a result of this, they never get to invest their money and build their wealth and only succumb to create small "savings" which devalues every year due to inflation or have little or no savings at all. It's important to use savings to invest in value or cashflow producing assets in order to build wealth and many people don't build these financial habits and end up struggling with money problems.

The MoneyTree app helps users save and contribute their savings to various investments in order to build their wealth over time. MoneyTree educates users about the importance of investing their money and helps users achieve their investment savings goals by allocating money saved towards building their investments. MoneyTree helps users create savings goals for their investments which helps them build their investments and "grow their money."

Create investment savings goals

On the MoneyTree app, users can create specific savings goals for a type of investment they want to save up for; they can input the total amount they want to save up, and how frequently they want to save, when they want to contribute savings and the duration of this. The app then calculates these inputs and proposes a savings goal plan to help the user understand how much you will need to save up for how long and how frequently they will have to contribute. Once a new goal is created, the user "plants" a new tree.

Helps users achieve goals consistently

The MoneyTree app sends reminders to the user when their savings goals are due and prompts them to respond to their goal which includes 3 options: 1. Water their tree to contribute their savings to their investment goal, 2. Change the amount they want to contribute to their goal or 3. To not contribute at all (not watering their tree).

Grow your tree, grow your money

When the user makes contributions to their goal, they can keep track of the growth of their tree and the progress of their goals by viewing all the details on their app - details about their goal, which they can change any time, their contribution progress - how many weeks they met their goal or didn't meet their goal and how many weeks are left, graphs and charts that visualizes this, the option to link their bank account to their investment account and find investing resources for their particular type of investment.  The goal for the user is to consistently contribute savings to their MoneyTree in order to grow their tree as well as their investments which then grows their wealth.

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