Less is More - A social campaign

Campaign Design
Less Is More" is a social campaign and non-profit organization that aims to promote responsible and sustainable consumption habits to the public.
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Campaign Design
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Responsible & Sustainable Consumption.

Less Is More is a  social campaign and non-profit organization that aims to spread awareness of how the excessive consumption of material goods contributes to global warming and climate change, promote healthy and sustainable lifestyle practices through educating people on the many ways they can reduce their carbon footprint and therefore reduce their impact on the environment and to build a supportive community where people can connect and share ways to live sustainably to help each other learn and grow.

Various promotional materials such as subway and bus stop posters, a mobile website and a social media community were created for this campaign along with distinct marketing strategies for each of these marketing methods to effectively promote this campaign.

Less is More Campaign

The goal of the Less Is More campaign is to motivate the public to take action to reduce their consumption and to instil the idea that: “Consuming less leads to a more healthier and sustainable lifestyle.” This will be done through a series of marketing strategies which include: a visual motivator - subway posters, an informative motivator - the mobile website, and a social motivators - community Engagement.

Subway Posters

The first step of the marketing strategy is to create a strong visual stimulus that will capture the attention of the target audience, thus large, colorful subway posters are an effective way to visually attract the attention of the audience. The campaign’s web address and a QR code are provided on the poster so that subway riders can be conveniently directed to the mobile website. The Message: “Own Less , Do More” makes a bold, clear statement that speaks to the audience to “Take action.” Minimal text such as the hashtag #LessIsMore and “consume responsibly,” is stated below the main title which provokes the curiosity of the audience.

Website & Community Engagement.

The mobile website will provide the audience more information about the campaign and how to get involved. Mobile website because subway riders can conveniently pull out their phones to get more information after they see the poster. The website will provide the audience with information such as: What is the Less is More campaign is about and what the goals and objectives are, how reducing one’s consumption benefits them and how the audience can get involved with this social movement.

The Less is More campaign will also implement and build supportive online and offline communities that aims to promote and motivates people to get involved with the #LessIsMore movement. The community will be established on social media platforms and will allow people to share, advocate and support ways to reduce consumption and promote the benefits of a healthy, minimalist and sustainable lifestyle. The hashtag #LessIsMore is used to encourage participants to spread awareness of the movement and to show what people have done in their daily lives to reduce their consumption.

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