Flaneuse - A Visual Voyage

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Flâneuse is a visually and sensory evocative collection of stories from women who explore and immerse themselves in places, cultures and ideas.
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A Visual Voyage.

Flâneuse is a journey of visual memories accompanied by verbal and textual sentiments of a particular time and place. This collection of visual memories aims to evoke the senses of the audience and vicariously immerse them into these places, as if they were on a journey and experiencing everything themselves. 

The term, "Flâneuse," is a feminist twist to Charles Baudelaire’s depiction of the "flâneur," a person (usually a man) who strolls and wanders the streets, observing and soaking it all in, with no destination in mind, only a curious itch to wander and explore.  Flâneuse places women into the shoes of this archetype as the wanderer and observer of places and things, empowering them to explore diverse places and embark on visual voyages.

Nostalgia & Immersion.

The tone, mood and aesthetic essence of Flâneuse, established by visual and textual imagery, aims to instil a sense of nostalgia in the audience, and immerses them in places that feels familiar yet, they have never been, creating a sentimental and deep desire to explore. It’s the familiarity of unfamiliarity that creates a tension in the audience that draws them in and allows them to vicariously travel through these places and spaces. 

Women who explore places, things & ideas.

Flâneuse not only aims to immerse the audience into into its stories, it also aims to inspire women to take the road less traveled and explore new new places, things and ideas through its visual aesthetics and mood.

The Palette - A rosy pink pastel hue as well as a darker shade of it are used as the main and dominant colors in the palette. These resemble shades of lipstick and is used to emphasize femininity and to reclaim and embrace femininity.  

Images - Images of places, spaces and fleeting moments are used in the magazine to allow the reader to visualize and immerse herself into these places and experience everything vicariously through the turn of the pages.  All photographs were taken by me during my adventures exploring places and spaces in different cities.  

Mood - The aesthetic mood and feel of the magazine is established using images, typography and written text that evoke the senses and instil the feeling of transcendence as well as a hint of nostalgia through using space, hues, shades and tints as well as movement.

Exploration of Places & Spaces

Since Flâneuse focuses on allowing exploration, the pages are designed in a way to reflect and emphasize the importance of exploring different places and spaces. I wanted to visually illustrate this by using a lot of white space around the images and text which visually allude to  “space” and allows the audience to experience, understand and appreciate space. 

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