About Me

As a product designer who specializes in UX/UI, Celena engages in exploring and dissecting complex problems and finding innovative and empowering solutions through design. Celena's goal as a designer is to innovate and build value driven products that aim to create positive impacts and meaningful experiences.

Celena has helped various companies improve the functionality and usability of their digital products to best serve their users/customers and optimize their experience with the product. Celena has experience in all stages of the product design cycle which involves conducting initial research, analysis and synthesis and then creating wireframes and prototypes as well as testing, iterating and refining. Celena is currently working on creating and launching a digital platform with a Startup company.

Aside from design, Celena is an intrepid traveler who loves to explore diverse places and cultures around the world and has been to 86 cities on 4 continents. Celena also enjoys devouring books while drinking tea and listening to jazzy hip hop on her free time as well as trying new recipes, writing blog articles and experimenting with creative ventures.

Fun facts about me

I backpacked solo in Europe
& South America.

I like drinking tea and jamming
to jazz & hip hop. 

I'm a Pisces & ENTP.

I dream big. Sky's the limit.

You can catch me...

Devouring a good book.

Traveling and exploring the world or planning my next adventure.

Diggin’ for good music.

Investing in myself and building my personal capital.

My bucket list

Own a successful business.

Travel to all continents and live
in 6 countries.

Write a best selling book(s).

Learn 2 more languages and
become fluent.

People I admire

Walt Disney

Anthony Bourdain


Ray Dalio

Salvador Dali

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